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Welcome to understanding"Heng Yuan"and hope that our products help you.
Qingzhou Hengyuan Temperature—Controlled Equipment Co.,Ltd is located in Qingzhou economic development zone.
Our company have been committed to the development and promotion of national green energy—saving products for manyyears.It is a high—tech enterprise which has a completed set of engineering design,manufacturing.installation andservices.Our productive capacity and core technologies occupy first place in the same industry.
Company has relatively strong production and research and development ability,Our main products include:Ventilation cooling system,such as large—scale poultry fan,large scale fan for greenhouse and factory buildings,negative pressure fan,circulation fan,unpowered roof fan:Cooling humidification system,such as cooling pad;heating system such as automaticcoal(fuel、electric、gas)heater.Manure cleaning system consist of manure cleaning machine.

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